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Word About Safety

We Are Passionate about Yours and Our Safety.

We believe in love, self-belief the intrinsic goodness of people. That said, we lookout for our rachelshomecare.com community. Here are a few ways we stand for and promote safety.

We Follow Client Provided Covid-19 SOPs and precautions for families and caregivers – Learn More here

We background check caregivers

Caregivers are asked to complete a full background check in our screening process. Caregivers who complete this background check have a badge on their profile.

Our background check includes:
Social Security number trace
National sex offender public website search
Multi-jurisdictional criminal database search
Federal and county criminal records search
And much more… 

We review Caregivers profiles personally

All caregivers' profiles are reviewed by real people before they go live. Our dedicated team of human moderators monitors job posts and profile activity.

We take your feedback seriously

See or heard something? Let us know. Look for the contact page and send us details of what you feel we need to step up our services on. We review all reports. Rude and abusive messages are not welcome here and will be removed.

Caregiver Tips

Create a profile that highlights your top professional experience and skills. We can then help you select families whose needs match your availability and qualifications. Top of our priorities is yours and your care seeker’s safety.

Stay safe on the job

If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't for you, trust your gut and send us a report asap. In fact, share your current job location and schedule with your family or a friend. And update them if there is a change. Keep a charged cell phone with you at all times to stay in touch.

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How We are dealing with The COVID-19 Pandemic
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